We are known for our tours. Our signature tour is the Steel Stacks Run, a 7 mile paddle through the heart of Historic Bethlehem, passing the iconic Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces and presenting a unique photo opportunity.

New for 2019 Season -The Glendon Dam Portage from Rt. 33 Boat Launch to Easton, portaging our kayaks around the Glendon dam enroute to Easton.

Coming Soon – Delaware River Tours

The Sandt Eddy Drift  Tour on the Delaware River will put in 5 miles upstream from Phillipsburg, and the Riegelsville Regatta Tour will put in at Phillipsburg and go 7 miles downstream to Riegelsville . Both of these tours on the Delaware River are in calm waters ideal for beginning kayakers.



who can go

All tours are in relatively calm waters that are ideal for novice kayakers.

“Steel Stacks Run”, “Glendon Dam Portage”, “Sandt Eddy Drift”,” Riegelsville Regatta”

what we do

Paddle/ Photography/History/Ecology/Nature Watch

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